Get out of administration and into the development of your property!

Increase / optimization of the return

The ongoing rental income largely determines the success of an investment. We keep an eye on the market for you and increase your returns through possible rent increases in your investment property. Legally sound procedures, trained employees and a large portfolio of comparative rents are available for this purpose.

We support you in the development of your real estate through tax-efficient, market-appropriate and high-quality renovations. Increasing the yield and the value of your investment are the main focus. Experienced employees, comparable properties and innovative ideas are decisive in this respect. You can find renovation examples of unused living space on our social media channels.

A good rapport with your tenants is just as important as a good rapport with you. Fast communication ensures high tenant satisfaction and long-term tenancy. Optimization of insurance policies, punctual payment of rents, support by a competent janitor or even a good network of craftsmen help to turn your property into a lucrative investment property without intensive support by you on site. We take care of that for you!


Digital rental management

Our app, which can be used conveniently via smartphone, brings property management into the digital age. This means that communication between tenants, craftsmen and property managers is fast, intuitive and smooth via app. And they always read along, if desired, and are thus always up to date.

Damage is no longer reported on demand by phone and sent to the craftsmen by phone or email, but is easily dispatched via app with picture and description. Object and tenant data, including the existing tenant contact data, are automatically added. A forwarding and also the communication with the craftsman can then take place between tenant and craftsmen, or also us directly via the app. In this way, we ensure faster processing in just a few days and all parties involved have all important information in one place 24/7. This increases satisfaction! And they simply read along, if desired.

Rental agreement misplaced? Looking for the last service charge statement? Need an energy certificate? No more calling the manager or landlord and long waiting times. The app has a document server that is available 24/7 and holds all relevant files for tenants.

Notice in the hallway? That's faster! The digital bulletin board informs tenants by push message about news in the house, without delay. But tenants can also create announcements or invite the house community to a joint barbecue. This strengthens the house community and satisfaction.

Full rental management

Conclusion and termination of leases as well as settlement of all matters with tenants, acceptance and handover of leased units in the event of a change of tenants, monitoring of insurance coverage for the property, settlement of any claims; in the event of significant differences in premiums, termination and new conclusion of insurance contracts, representation of the client in connection with the property vis-à-vis all authorities and utilities, management of property files and receipts

Recording of all master data on the property, recording of all master data on the tenants, securing agreed rental collateral, all contract processing with the tenants, incoming inspection of rental payments and ancillary costs, organization of the out-of-court dunning procedure with preparation of a dunning notice, checking and payment of all expenses, checking of agreed rental clauses, checking of the rental price level, prompt adjustment of ancillary cost advance payments, preparation, settlement of all incoming and outgoing transactions, preparation of a profit and loss statement, preparation of the ancillary cost statement and collection of any additional claims. If necessary, proposal for adjustment of advance payments, handling of all payment transactions.

Ensuring the proper functioning of the heating, plumbing and other facilities of the Property, including the conclusion and termination of supply and maintenance contracts, contracting the work necessary for the ongoing maintenance, repair and upkeep of the Property, concluding and terminating janitorial contracts and contracts with other auxiliary personnel (e.g. for house, street and sidewalk cleaning, outdoor facilities). Supervision and control of the activity of the aforementioned persons in relation to the object, informing the Client about all important and/or unusual matters related to the object.

U.S. Armed Forces Lease Management

For single-family homes or apartment buildings in the area
Ramstein and Kaiserslautern, renting to US forces offers high
potential. We have many years of experience and good contacts to
"Housing" and are happy to look after your tenants even after they have moved in during the entire
tenancy period, so our service app is also designed for the English tenants

Tenant search with special network, handling of the apartment acceptance, special lease agreement of Housing, handover according to Housing's specifications, support of tenants during the rental period for all questions and implementation of damage management in case of possible damage.

Our entire team, the app and all service providers have a good command of written and spoken English, and the service app is also available entirely in English. But also the differences of the characters and the differences in the tenancy law are well known to us from many years of cooperation. So many problems and mistakes can be avoided in advance.

We work DIGITAL SCHNELL ZUVERLÄSSIG with our service app - powered by Idwell!

Mietverwaltung für Mehrfamilienhäuser

per unit
59,50 per month (inkl. VAT)
  • Optimization of the return
  • Digital rental management
  • Full rental management
  • U.S. Armed Forces Lease Management

Mietverwaltung für Einfamilienhäuser

per unit
75,00 per month (inkl. VAT)
  • Optimization of the return
  • Digital rental management
  • Full rental management
  • U.S. Armed Forces Lease Management

The property management team

The team of property management, looks forward to working with you! 

Patricia Ferreira

Head of property management

Yulia Savinykh

Property management

Agnieszka Kollenda

Property management